Contributors Information

Contributors Information
Text Submissions

Please give consideration to the length of your submission.
Full page: 500 words
Half page: 280 words
Letters: 150 words or less (preferred)

The above guide is designed to give you an idea of how your submission is likely to fit in relation to Muse page size. We accept articles of varying lengths, but we prefer them to be rounded to full or half page size (rather than a 600 word article which would be one and a little bit pages). Content which does not match Muse word length requirements may be edited for length, or be returned to the contributor for further editing. Please include your word count at the bottom of your article.

Contributions will be edited for sense and grammar. Work submitted will not necessarily be published in the next immediate issue, we publish based on space availability and theme compatibility. Muse will not print submissions that are inconsistent with the Muse Profile (as detailed below).

You may submit original material for publication via e-mail, as word documents, or as email text. If you are posting your submission, ensure you have typed on one side of the page only, double spaced.

Please include your name, e-mail address, daytime telephone number together with your submission.

Artwork Submissions (will be published in Black and White)
We will accept original artwork in the form of hardcopies, photographs and digital files. All digital files must be 300dpi in resolution, saved as high quality jpegs.
NOTE: DO NOT EMAIL ARTWORK. Image files must be saved on a CD which is clearly labelled, with your name, phone number and title of work on disk and posted to our PO Box 11731, Manners St, Wellington. We regret that artwork cannot be returned, unless a stamped self-addressed envelope is provided.

Please include your name, e-mail address, and daytime telephone number together with your submission.

We are interested in the following content:
• Reviews
• Information on events
• Arts, culture, fashion, music, crafts
• Trivia and statistics
• Information on actions
• Recipes
• Humour, cartoons
• Women’s own stories
• Alternative information
• Media criticism
• Letters
• Creative writing
• Opinion
• Women’s health
• Political articles
• (Other types of content will be considered too!)

Muse is a forum for feminist voices and discussion. Our purpose is to provide space for expression and encourage a diversity of perspectives. These are not necessarily the perspectives or opinions of the Muse Collective. We do not represent all women or all feminists. Muse reserves the right to select content based on the ‘Muse Profile’ and available space.

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