Collective Member Description

Collective Member Role Description
Collective members
Muse collective members are young enthusiastic feminists with energy and passion to be involved in producing a feminist magazine.

Being part of this collective requires commitment but is very rewarding. Benefits include: the opportunity to be part of creating a space for young women’s voices and a free forum for feminist discussion; working with interesting and committed women; and learning skills in writing, fundraising, editing and all aspects of zine production.

The purpose of Muse feminist magazine is to provide:
• space for young women’s voices in the hope that it will bring a sense of community, networking contacts and opportunities for young women; and
• a forum for feminist discussion that enthusiastically encourages action in an easily accessible format.

The role of a collective member is to work to achieve the purpose of Muse (as outlined above) alongside other collective members.
Key shared responsibilities include:
• Organising and attending meetings
• Fundraising
• Editing and deciding on content
• Some writing or contribution of other content (optional)
• Communicating with potential contributors, funders and other interested parties.

We are clear about what is expected of collective members. When members are having a particularly busy time in their life we accept that their level of commitment may go down for a time and we support this so that we can all stay healthy!

In your role as a collective member you can expect to need to commit to:
• An average of one 2 hour meeting per fortnight
• More frequent meetings nearer to publishing
• At least one hour a week spent on communication with collective members, preparation for meetings and other tasks
• Any other work you take on
• Turn up to meetings on time
• Come to meetings informed and prepared to participate
• Follow up on action points from meetings
• Reply to emails

Collective members also commit to work in a respectful way, which means:
• Commitment to collective decision making
• Active participation in discussion
• Respectful challenging of ideas
• Recognition that other members all come with the best intentions and that we all may operate in different ways
• Commitment to see things through
• Being honest to each other and ourselves and taking responsibility for bringing up concerns or issues promptly
• Keeping discussions in meetings confidential unless there is agreement from the collective
• Attempting consensus on all decisions and if this cannot be reached trying to come up with solutions
• If you choose to be absent from a meeting, or fail to reply to an email, you are giving consent to decision making by those present.

Muse is a forum for feminist voices and discussion. Our purpose is to provide space for expression and encourage a diversity of perspectives. These are not necessarily the perspectives or opinions of the Muse Collective. We do not represent all women or all feminists. Muse reserves the right to select content based on the ‘Muse Profile’ and available space.

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