The Muse Collective

Who we are:

The Muse Collective is Karen Price, Karin Brown, Natalie Gousmett, Brooke Rae, Liz Robinson, Amy Delahunty and Morgan Healey.

Our designer is Lou Wallace.

If you are interested in joining the collective drop us a line!

Past Muses include: Melody Nixon,Teresa Buckthought, Jenn Jones, Anya Nidd, Rachel Service, Erin Polaczuk, Tanya Newman and Keiller MacDuff.

How we came about:

Muse sprung out of a desire to fill the lack of authentic female voice for women’s rights in New Zealand’s media and politics and a frustration with the stereotypical representation of women and discriminatory behaviour and attitudes going unnoticed and unexplored in New Zealand discourse.  We, the Muses’, all identify as feminists and had felt that there wasn’t an adequate resource available in New Zealand that covered the issues that are relevant to us.  So, Muse aims to provide a localised experience of Aotearoa New Zealand feminist culture through a young, topical perspective promoting positive social change.

The original Muses came together after attending a workshop at the 2005 women’s convention in Wellington on Broadsheet. We wondered why there was no current feminist media in New Zealand and decided we could do something about it ourselves!

The name Muse was agreed upon as we felt it carried our collective ideals and the overall aesthetic we wanted the publication to portray, as well as the common themes of women, inspiration and thought!  The Muse originally referred to the nine Greek goddesses (muses) who presided over the arts and the sciences, inspiring those who excelled at these pursuits.  To muse is to be absorbed in one’s thoughts; to consider or say thoughtfully.  Historically, a Muse was seen as a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration.  Muse wishes to be an inspiration for the fight for equality and justice in New Zealand and to bring a progressive and accessible voice to the women’s rights movement in New Zealand.

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